Episode 2

All Tomorrow’s Parties: Shanghai Futurism

 October 19th, 2012, 7 pm. Associate Mission Building, 169 Yuanmingyuan Road, 1st Floor.


UC Irvine Professor and Shanghai specialist Jeff Wasserstrom and Urbanatomy editor Dr. Nick Land.

Moderated by Francesca Tarocco and Anna Greenspan.



About the Speakers

Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom is Professor of History at the University of California, Irvine. He specializes in the study of Shanghai. Jeff is the author of Student Protests in Twentieth-Century China: The View from Shanghai  (1991);Global Shanghai, 1850-2010 (2009) and China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know (2010). He has also worked as co-editor on China in 2008: A Year of Great Significance and most recently Chinese Characters: Profiles of Fast-Changing Lives in a Fast-Changing Land (2012).  Jeff is a regular contributor to academic journals, and has also written for a variety of general interest periodicals. He is currently working as Asia Editor at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Nick Land works as an editor at Urbanatomy, where he has authored numerous books on Shanghai (including 3 comprehensive guide-books to the city; a guide to Expo 2010 and a family guide). Before moving to Asia, Nick was a professor of philosophy at the University of Warwick, where he was the faculty co-founder, of the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit (CCRU). He is the author of The Thirst for Annihilation: Georges Bataille and Virulent Nihilism (1992) and Fanged Noumena: Collected Writings 1987-2007 (2011) along with various articles on art, design and cybernetic culture . Nick keeps a blog on Urban Futures